How to get Credits

Our Credit System works as followed:
  1. New Thread: 1 credit
  2. Every reply in any section gives you 0.5 credits, so 2 posts is 1 credit which you will eventual see counting in your profile.
    Spamming is a negative credit balance according to your spam-ratio.
    Also please check if the resource you are posting has no other previous threads or is included in them, please upload stuff that is not on here already.

How to get credits in a new thread ?

You recieve the amount you ask for each resource you share in a Thread within a as followed:
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Other method is buying credits.

Prime Packages come with credits, and daily credits. Pay once, enjoy forever!

Payment methods: Crypto

Spamming results in a mute and warning, there is also a credit reducement that can be a optional penalty!

The value of credits is fluctuating, and therefor always keep an eye out for this page every now and then
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